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       The imperfect would not be so if it was not in need of help, and such guidance must come beyond itself. The perfect is not perfect if He cannot assert Himself or help the imperfect ones, and that must be of His own sweet will. So the guidance to spiritual perfection and to perfect love is by definition a function of the Perfect Being, the sweet Absolute Truth Śrī Krishna. And Krishna’s divine agent through whom this function manifests is Śrī Guru, the spiritual guide.

    Author: Prabhupada Srila Premgopal Goswami
    Year of publication: 2020
    Format: 15×22 cm, softcover
    Number of pages: 120

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       In the talks therein, Prabhupad Śrīla Premgopal Goswami of the Śrī Nityananda Vamśa - the line of Gurus descending directly from Lord Nityananda - gives beautifully compelling explanations of Guru tattva, the spiritual principle of Śrī Guru. Guru is not a person, Guru is a tattva, the embodiment of spiritual truth who links us to transcendental reality and guides us back home to the spiritual realm of pure love. Our prayer is that the faithful readers will find divine inspiration for their spiritual practice within the pages of this book.

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