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   Ananga Manjari Samputika is a very important scripture for those who are practising sadhan bhajan of Radha Krsna’s confidential pastimes. I am not speaking this katha but I am only relating what is mentioned in this scripture. We have to know who is Ananga Manjari, and why she is so important for our bhajan. Without her blessings we cannot enter into the confidential pastimes of Radha and Krsna. Her blessings here actually mean the mercy of Dayal Nitai, without this there is no chance for us. This scripture is written by Ramachandra Goswami the intimate disciple and adopted son of Jahnava mata. He was the only one who was qualified to write this scripture as he was fully empowered by Jahnava Mata’s mercy to reveal the confidential truths of Ananga Manjari.

Author: Srila Ramacandra Goswami
Year of publication: 2020
Format: 18×24 cm, softcover
Number of pages: 338


   Ramachandra Goswami (Ramai Gosai) wsa born in 1533 (1455 Saka). He was the grandson of Nabadwip resident Vamsivadanananda Thakur. According to Murali Vilasa, written by Ramachandra's disciple Rajaballabha, Vamsivadan told his son Chaitanya Das's wife on his deathbed that he would return again as her son in order to spread devotion to Radha and Krishna in Bengal.
   Ramachandra was adopted by Nityananda Prabhu's wife Jahnava and initiated by her. He traveled with her to Vraja Dham and spent many years there. He returned with Krishna Balaram deities (Kanai Balai). He established his Sripat in Baghna Para a few kilometers south of Nabadwip. The village received its name from a miraculous event, whereby Ramachandra pacified a tiger that was troubling the area by chanting the names of Krishna to it.
   Baghna Para is still the home of Ramachandra's descendents. Though he never married, his nephew Rajaballabha did and through him, the line continues to the present day. Bhaktivinoda Thakur took initiation from Bipin Bihari Goswami, a member of this Vaishnava dynasty.

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