VEDOS, ISSUE NO. 4, 2017.

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    Publisher: VšĮ "Vedos", NGO
    Format: 21×30 cm
    Number of pages: 50


         'In your hands, you are holding the forth issue of the magazine Vedos ('the Vedas' in English). It is our first volume in the English language.
         What will you find in this issue? With a goal to introduce to our readers the people hold genuine knowledge, we have interviewed a Spiritual Teacher Bhakti Caitanya Swami, who has dedicated his life to help every soul discover his or her true nature.
         His Grace Caitanya Candra Caran Prabhu (Alexander Hakimov) analyses the purpose of man. It is important to understand you mission, as only then the true life begins.
         If you like the theme of relationships, we hope you will gain inspiration and advice on how to be happy whether you are married or just looking for a companion in your life. We continuously try to cover the topic of parent-child relationships - this time in the article on bringing up a child.
         Also, we write about the importance of Vedic astrology in our lives and share practical recommendations on how to meet the summer in a good shape. Together with a teacher oh hatha yoga we will learn how to do your morning exercise in a proper way. For the ladies, we offer a column on BEAUTY, where a true practitioner and expert of attractiveness will share her know-how on what Ayurveda recommends as to how to be beautiful' (editorial).

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