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     This handbook summarizes, in the form of affirmations, the main teachings, practice and attitudes I offer in my Japa Workshops. The explanations of these affirmations have been transcribed from a talk from one of these workshops.
     The insights and attitudes contained within these affirmations have helped many devotees improve their chanting. Some dovotees have even found that these affirmations have transformed their japa.
     It is my hope that the mood these affirmations create will enable us to deeply relish our daily japa.

Your servant,
Mahatma Das

Author: Mahatma das
Year of publication: 2018
Format: 10×12 cm, softcover
Number of pages: 96


About the author

     Mahatma Das has been serving ISKCON since 1969. He received first and second initiation in 1970 in Los Angeles, California. He has served as temple president and saṅkīrtana leader in several temples and has been involved in congregational development and college preaching. He was co-director of the WIHE, Krishnafest and Bhagavat Life (in the development and facilitation of Japa Retreats).
     He now focuses on designing and conducting professionally organized workshops and retreats, both live and online, to assist devotees and non-devotees in their spiritual growth, through his company Sattva (visit www.mahatmadas.com and https://martinsattva.wixsite.com/sattva). He also counsels devotees and non-devotees, travels half the year, and write books. He posts a daily video on his Facebook page; these videos have been so much appreciated that he has lauched a separate YouTube channel named Daily Quotes by His Grace Mahatma Prabhu. He accepted the service of initiating spiritual master in 2013.
     Mahatma Das ir well known for his beautiful bhajans and kirtans, both live and recorded (especially for his recording of the brahma-Saṁhita) and is most appreciated for helping devotees practically apply Kṛṣṇa consciousness in their lives. He presently resides in both Alachua, Florida and Māyāpur, India with his wife Jāhnavā and their daughter Śyāma-maṇdalī.
     He does several online courses weekly on Facebook, and these courses are housed on his YouTube channel and on Soudcloud (you can link to these his other sites from mahatmadas.com and also sign up there to receive online class notifications). You can also order his books and sign up for online courses on his website.

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