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     We see others doing something we consider wrong, and we want them to change. Yet when we recognize our own shortcomings, we’re often reluctant to make improvements in ourselves. Living the Wisdom of Bhakti addresses this problem by facilitating honest and insightful introspection. Mahatma Prabhu gently pushes us to take a closer look at where we are and were we are going by asking questions that are sometimes difficult to face but profoundly rewarding to answer.

     “This is a real Bhakti spiritual self-help book, something that is greatly needed in the devotee community. I also find it valuable as a practical reference for my own teaching and counselling.” Guru Prasada Swami

     “In Living the Wisdom of Bhakti, Mahatma Prabhu reveals his expertise by addressing our daily challenges through insighful analysis and problem solving strategies that address the core of our problems.” Gunagrahi Dasa Goswami

     “Mahatma Prabhu shows us how to align our lives with what we believe. You’ll find this book a unique adventure into the core of your heart. Be ready to be changed in a profound and powerful way.” Mahadevi Dasi

Author: Mahatma das
Year of publication: 2019
Format: 14×22 cm, softcover
Number of pages: 374



     We are often good at knowing what to do, but bad at doing it. Living the Wisdom of Bhakti confronts this problem head-on.
This book doesn't focus just on learning something; its main focus is on becoming something. Sure, you will find verses, quotations, and stories from scriptures here. And you will learn new things. But knowledge is not power. It's the implementation of knowledge that is power. So my purpose is to help you better live the teachings of bhakti. If you read this book and do the exercises it recommends, you will find it easier to do what you may not be doing that you know you should be doing. You will also find it easier to change your life in general, to make it the way it should be, not the way it happens to be.
     This is a workbook. It's a seminar on paper. Ever chapter contains exercises that put into practice what is taught in the chapter. This books is not passive. It's not meant to just be interesting or informative. Living the Wisdom of Bhakti is meant to improve the way you practice and live Kṛṣṇa consciousness.
     Writting this book helped me tremendously and I pray it will do the same for you. It has helped me because I have dared to challenge myself, dared to look deeper at my faith, commitment, desire, attachment, beliefs, vow, obstacles, anarthas, problems, relationships, japa, work, income, family, and my life in general – and then ask myself, „Is this how Kṛṣṇa conscious person supposed to live? In short, I dared to look deeper at what goes on both externally in my life as well as what goes on at a level I have been afraid to view in a totaly open and honest way for most of my devotional career.
     This book will challenge you to do the same.

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